It all started when a good friend in Jr High got a 3″ Tasco reflector and I saw Saturn for the first time from his backyard in Los Altos. Soon after his Dad took us to Foothill JC s Planetarium and observatory where I saw the Orion Nebula thru a the large reflector and it was all over. I was hooked.


Put my yard work money together and bought a 4 1/2 ” reflector by Edmond at Peninsula Scientific.


While in the Santa Cruz Library and picked up an issue of Sky and Telescope( My mom actually got me a subscription back in the 60s.) To my amazement was advertised a 13″ Dob by Coulter. for $399. had not touched a telescope in 14 years. 2 months later a delivery truck showed up with this huge blue monster. Soon found out about SJAA s Messier Marathon that was held up on Loma Prieta . There was actually snow on the ground(rare for coastal mountains).the club members were quite friendly and were very helpful in showing me how to use the Coulter Dob. After they closed off Loma ,most of my observing has been at Fremont Peak.


I got a Standard C8 ,later sold to the inventor of fiber optics in Palo Alto.


I purchased a C11.


Iwent to work for Orion Telescopes.


I got a Cat for the C11. I started sewing together covers and soft cases for customers of Orion.


They started including my products in their catalog. Worked with /for Orion until 2000.


My interest began to shift to binocular astronomy with a pair of Miyauchi 100s.

I’ve been on my own with casesandcovers.com ever since . I’m still active in astronomy. Been attending the Glacier Point star party in Yosemite for 20 years . Currently own a Starmaster Hybrid 14.5 , Televue 127, and a pair of Miyauchi 100s. I use my own products.

Nick Doukas. Happy Stars

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