Celestron CPC 800, Deluxe HD, Meade LX 8
Celestron CPC 1100, 925 NexStar 11,
CPC Deluxe HD, Meade 10, 12
Optical Tube Assembly Cases.
Designed to carry the complete unit including forkarms and base
Designed to carry the OTA alone 8"-14" Celestron, Meade, Orion or any manufacture OTA; Vixen, Takahashi, Tec, AP telescopes etc.
Designed to carry the complete unit including forkarms and base

Price Buy
Celestron 8, CGEM 800 HD, Orion 8" OTA
$135.00 add $15. for shipping
Celestron 9.25, CGEM 925 HD, Orion 9.25" OTA, Nexstar8i
$155.00 add $15. for shipping
Celestron 11, CGEM 1100 HD, Orion 11" OTA
$185.00 add $15. for shipping
Celestron CPC 800, CPC Deluxe HD, Meade 8 LX, Nexstar Evo 8, shoulder strap included
$195.00 add $15 for shipping
NexStar 11 , C11, Meade 10
$275.00 add $30 for shipping
Celestron CPC 1100, 925, CPC Deluxe HD,
$295.00 add $30 for shipping
Celestron C14, CGEM 1400 HD, Meade 12,14 OTA
$285.00 add $30 for shipping
Optional Shoulder Strap/free shipping with case order
$20.00 add $7 for shipping
80-100 mm refractor, Celestron 127 slt, etc. 20" x7" (f/4-f/5)
$95.00 add $15. for shipping
Soft case for longer 80-100 mm refractors( f /6-f/ 9)
$125.00 add $15. for shipping
Easy to Carry and Keeps Your Scope in New Condition

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We offer a rugged, space saving padded carrying cases for packing your scope in the car. Fully padded on all sides to provide maximum protection of your instrument. Our strongly doubled layer foam padded scopecases provide a convenient means for transporting and storing your scope. It'll stay cleaner and last longer, free of dings and scrapes.

Eliminates use of bulky boxes or trunks. Constructed of heavy, water-resistant 1000 denier nylon and 210 denier lining with integrated webbing handle. Included with all cases is an outside pocket for your accessories and most models have a convenient place for an optional shoulder strap as well.

Click here to see a slide show of types of foam used, and some other examples and prototypes.

Comfortable to carry, forgiving of bumps and bruises, and more space-efficient than boxy hard cases and trunks, our scope cases are a smart buy for any telescope owner. Get yours today! Limited Three-year warranty.

If you own an Optical Tube Assembly of manufacture or type not mentioned below, please contact us we may stock a case that matches your requirements.

Not Recommended For Airline Use!
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